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Some new maps, questions papers and assignments are available in the respective class segements uploaded on 6th January so please use them. 
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Social science

Date: 28/06/2018 | By: Arsh

Dear sir, what means not more than five places


Date: 25/06/2018 | By: Sarvesh Periwal

Sir what means not more than 5 places ,of 9 the class


Date: 18/06/2018 | By: Mahi

From where we have to do maps


Date: 15/06/2018 | By: Sarvesh Periwal

Mam,there is only three chapters in moment's book in first' term so what means unit 4,5 and 6.


Date: 01/06/2018 | By: Usha gupta

Unit 6means


Date: 21/03/2018 | By: Pratibha

Analyse the consequences of the act passed in Sri Lanka in 1956 to establish sinhala supremacy?

Re: SS

Date: 21/03/2018 | By: SS

Led to more fights problems n majoritarian rule of Sinhalese


Date: 21/03/2018 | By: A

What are the advantages of waterways as a means of transport?

Imp doubts

Date: 21/03/2018 | By: A

5points on ecnomic imp of various types of industries.


Date: 21/03/2018 | By: Ambika

Impact of globalisation both positive negative 5 points each.

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