Super 50 SA II Class 9th Subject SS

All Questions are in the range of 3-5 marks.

1 What makes cricket a unique game? Elaborate.

2 How has TV changed the nature of cricket by commercializing it? Explain.

3 “Cricket is a colonial game.” How far is it true? Explain.

4 How has cricket evolved itself with passage of time?

5 What led to Enclosure movement? How it affected overall life and economic pattern?

6 Why opium production became a major issue of discord between the Indians and the British. How was  the issue resolved?

7 When, where and why did dust bowl tragedy take place? How was it solved?

8 How did the Native Americans live before the coming of white settlers? How their lives got changed after this?

9 “Cricket teaches us many values” How

10 How can you say that the imperial impact of England on cricket has got down?

11 What do you mean by natural vegetation? What factors affect it?

12 How can we say that India has a rich ecological diversity?

13 Why does India exhibit a rich variety of flora and fauna?

14 Define Biome and give its example too. How does life exist here?

15 Classify the forests into various categories writing two features of each.

16 Where do mangrove forests grow? Write their features.

17 What is NPP 2000? How far it has improved our population quality?

18 Name any five components of population study and explain each briefly.

19 How can we ensure a healthy population for our country? Give five suggestions.

20 Why are adolescents an important component of our population and how can we have a better future for them?

21 What is the importance of flora and fauna for our existence and over all being? How can we conserve them?

22 Name important medicinal plants and their usage.

23 What type of vegetation of found in the Himalayan mountains? Give details.

24 What is sex ratio? Why is it falling with every year and how can we ensure that it gets better? Name the state having highest and lowest sex ratio in India.

25 What is dependency ratio? How is it calculated? What is the age composition study of population from development point of view.

26 How does a bill become an act? Mention all stages.

27 Which house of Indian parliament is more powerful and how? Explain.

28 Describe the election procedure in detail from  announcement of election schedule to announcement of results.

29 Why are elections important? How can you say that elections are held in a free and fair manner in India? How can they be made even better?

30 What is moral code of conduct and how is it implemented? What are its major dos and donts ?

31 What are the major functions and powers of election commission.

32 Write in detail the powers of – President , Speaker, Parliament, Prime Ministers

33 Explain the powers and functions of Supreme Court.  How is it the guardian of our constitution?

34 Distinguish between the permanent and political executive.

35 What type of malpractices may hamper the fairness of elections?

36 Why do we need rights? How are fundamental rights different from the civil rights? Explain.

37 What rights were violated in Guantanamo Bay?  What could be done to ensure them?

38 What is office memorandum? What is its importance?

39 Explain what is election manifesto? How is it important for the voters?

40 Enlist all the six fundamental rights as given in our constitution and write two provision of each.

41 Write the major causes of poverty in India? Write any five.

42 What is MNREGA? How has it helped in alleviating poverty in India? Write its major features.

43 What is social exclusion? How does it affect a person’s life? How it makes poverty a social stigma?

44 Give five practical suggestions to solve the problem of poverty in India.

45 How is poverty line measured? Why is it important to measure poverty line?

46 Explain any five schemes undertaken by government of India to alleviate poverty.

47 What is poverty and how it is different from Human poverty? How can you say that Human Poverty is a broader concept?

48 How do global poverty trends reflect levels of poverty at different times in different places?

49 How did US become breadbasket of the world?

50 How did cricket develop in India? Explain the stages. 



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Date: 22/03/2017 | By: Arpita

Maps are older ones sir


Date: 18/03/2017 | By: Kritika

How can rewarding laws be more helpful than the primitive ones?

Re: Civics

Date: 19/03/2017 | By: Admn

They do not incite fear
They make us law abiding ourselves and not by force
They will bring positivist attitude in public and judiciary
They will help in fighting the crime at the citizens level etc


Date: 17/03/2017 | By: SUDHANSHU JALAP

Sir, plz tell me 5 heading pts of each question:-
1.Challenges to Political parties
2. Why USA entered in the war
3.Effects of pressure groups on govt .
4. Necessity of political parties

Re: Doubt

Date: 19/03/2017 | By: Admn

19th March 8.39 AM
1 A-Lack of internal democracy B-Nepotism C-Corruption D-Violence E- No Meaningful Ideology etc

2 USA entered war A - As a policy matter of cold war to oppose USSR and communism B- To help its ally France C- To Showcase its might and weaponry D- To safeguard its trade interests in South China Se

3 Keep control on govt, keeps public aware of govt policies, maintains democratic order in parties, pressurize govt to take democratic decisions.

4 Political parties are the tongue of public, without them elections cant take place and representative democracy that is most prevalent everywhere cant survive.


Date: 09/03/2017 | By: vikram

Sir Please upload important questions of english


Date: 07/03/2017 | By: Arsh khurana

Sir,how we can say that the imperial impact of england on cricket has got down?

Re: doubt

Date: 09/03/2017 | By: Admn

hope u did well


Date: 07/03/2017 | By: Kritika

Sir,what is the meaning of the line
Monsoonal winds are pulsating in nature?

Re: Doubt

Date: 07/03/2017 | By: Admn

They are fluctuating
Not regular
Ups and Downs in the rainfall.......

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