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Some new maps, questions papers and assignments are available in the respective class segements uploaded on 6th January so please use them. 

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Date: 07/01/2018 | By: Yogesh

Sir what do you mean by jobber and metropolis


Date: 07/01/2018 | By: AMBIKA

In what ways rising competition affected indian exporters and foreign mnc's?


Date: 07/01/2018 | By: SS

They could not compete in quaility
Price competitiveness
Amount of investment etc


Date: 07/01/2018 | By: ambika

how do small companies of india affected badly by mnc's?

Re: ecnomics

Date: 07/01/2018 | By: SS

Lost their consumers
Faced stiff competition
Had to raise investment n advertisement
Lost trade barrier protection


Date: 05/01/2018 | By: fiza

sir please upload remaining maps of class 10

Re: sst

Date: 06/01/2018 | By: SS

Now Uploaded

pol sci

Date: 31/12/2017 | By: yogesh

sir ,board exam ke perpiration kasa kara

pol sci

Date: 30/12/2017 | By: suhana

sir, can find only 6 sample papers online.........plzz uplod the rest of them...

Re: pol sci

Date: 06/01/2018 | By: SS

Follow this link

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